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Project Plan / Quote
Hourly Rate
$ 62.50
Web Banner Communications Design & Copywriting, 1 Banner
1 hrs
$ 62.50
Web Banner Design, 1 Banner
1 hrs
$ 62.50
2 hrs
$ 125.00
2 hrs
$ 125.00
Plan Notes & Recommendations
Web Banner Communications Design & Copywriting
Successful web banner designs are built on effective communications design and copywriting.
We recommend you reserve at least 1 hr for each web banner communications and copy development. 
Web Banner Design
Once you have completed your brand media kit, communications design and copywriting done,you can confidently, reliably and cost-effectively design brand-integrated media you need.
With a brand media kit , we recommend you reserve at least 1 hrs per web banner concept.

Without a brand media kit, the rule of thumb is to double the time to get to a finished product.
We deliver the web banner in optimized web graphics. We also provide the original creative design documents ( .PSD ), professionally preflighted and packaged, for delivery for easy future modifications and reuse.