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Project Plan / Quote
Hourly Rate
$ 62.50
Custom Application Development Plan Design
40 hrs
$ 2,500.00
40 hrs
$ 2,500.00
Management / Team Review
5% = 2 hrs
$ 125.00
Project Management
5% = 2 hrs
$ 125.00
44 hrs
$ 2,750.00
Plan Notes & Recommendations
Custom Application Development Plan Design
For complex, multi-module apps and business infrastructures, researching and developing a comprehensive development plan is critical to assure key priorities are surfaced, costs planning is realistic and within budget, and stakeholder needs are adequately met.

The development plan provides:

1) Business documentation for managers.

2) Technical or development stack (DevStack) documentation for developers.

3) Phased development plan documentation.

4) Development costs estimates for financial planners.

We recommend you reserve at least 40 hrs to produce a development plan for multi-module, or business infrastructure apps.
Management / Team Review
At various stages of execution, reviews and reevaluations of project implementations in context of stated objectives will be necessary. 

Timely review assures the trajectory of the project implementations remain aligned with stated goals.

How much review and the frequency varies significantly depending on the types of executable.
Still, we recommend reserving at least 10% of the time for reviews.
Project Management
You should always factor in time required to manage all the assets, creatives and resources needed to execute your initiatives.

This is Project Management time, often invisible, and overlooked, but very real and impactful on your bottom line.
We recommend reserving at least 5% of the time towards project management.