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Project Plan / Quote
Hourly Rate
$ 62.50
Custom Application UI/UX Model Design, 1 App
30 hrs
$ 1,875.00
Custom Application UI/UX Model Execution, 1 App
110 hrs
$ 6,875.00
140 hrs
$ 8,750.00
Management / Team Review
5% = 7 hrs
$ 437.50
Management / Team Training
10% = 14 hrs
$ 875.00
Project Documentation
10% = 14 hrs
$ 875.00
Project Management
5% = 7 hrs
$ 437.50
182 hrs
$ 11,375.00
Plan Notes & Recommendations
Custom Application UI/UX Model Design
The first step in building your custom app is designing a complete user interface (UI), and user experience (UX) model.
If developing a website app, we recommend you reserve at least 30 hrs to implementing a complete UI/UX model for this task.

If developing a mobile app, we recommend you reserve at least 80 hrs.
Custom Application UI/UX Model Execution
With a UI/UX model done, the final step in executing the application.
Most applications require two sets of UIs: one for administrators ( Backend ), and another for ordinary users ( Frontend ).

Every application also needs a Data Model, which defines the structural design of the database where information is stored.
If running on Monkey Business, we recommend you reserve at least 40 hrs for executing the Backend UI, 60 hrs for the Frontend UI, and 10 hrs for the Data Model for a total of 110 hrs per app.

If developing a Mobile App, we recommend you reserve at least 80 hours for executing the Backend, 200 hrs to the Frontend, and 40 hrs for the Data Model for a total of 320 hrs per app.

If running on another platform, we recommend you work with an agency that specializes in your platform.
Management / Team Review
At various stages of execution, reviews and reevaluations of project implementations in context of stated objectives will be necessary. 

Timely review assures the trajectory of the project implementations remain aligned with stated goals.

How much review and the frequency varies significantly depending on the types of executable.
Still, we recommend reserving at least 10% of the time for reviews.
Management / Team Training
All stake holders need comprehensive training.

Training takes many forms, including on the consumption, use and leverage.

This is particularly important for Management and key Team members.
We recommend reserving at least 10% of the time towards organization wide training.
Project Documentation
Project Documentation assures continuity, and value transfer from one generation of project members and managers to the next.

The amount of documentation needed varies depending on the nature of the initiatives at hand and the target audiences for the documentation.
Still, we recommend reserving at least 10% of the time to comprehensive project documentation.
Project Management
You should always factor in time required to manage all the assets, creatives and resources needed to execute your initiatives.

This is Project Management time, often invisible, and overlooked, but very real and impactful on your bottom line.
We recommend reserving at least 5% of the time towards project management.