You need a safe, reliable home for your business website. Our website hosting solution is the perfect choice. Fully managed. Data backups included free!

Website hosting

High performance hosting for businesses


First class hosting

State of the art: servers, network, management

You need a home for your website online. One that will keep your website running, securely, round the clock. We've built  it especially with your needs in mind, and its first class all the way! 

High performance servers

Powerful machinery at your fingertips

You can't afford to keep your users waiting. And you really can't afford any downtime.
Our servers are designed to these minimum configurations, to deliver breakthrough performance and 99.9% uptime.
  • Quad core 3.0 GHz processors
  • 64 GB of RAM
  • 10K RPM SAS hard drives data storage
  • Redundant data storage ( Raid 1 )
  • Redundant 1GB network connectivity 
  • Redundant power supply


Monkey Business High Performance hosting in the cloud
Monkey Business Cloud Hosting Network


High capacity CLOUD

Security, power and internet connectivity

Our high performance servers are housed in the state of the art, HIPAA compliant and SAS 70 Type 1 compliant facilities around the world. 
Our global cloud infrastructructure is nimble, and fluid, providing
  • maximum network uptime, utilizing redundant Internet providers
  • redundant power providers
  • uninterrupted power supply (UPS) regulators
  • automatic backup/emergency power generators 
  • precision environmental control
  • dry chemical fire suppression system
  • state of the art security including biometric access control, security cameras and onsite security

Network management

Smart people minding the ship

The best hardware don't mean a thing, if your website is insecure online. That's why we have smart people minding the ship, so you don't have to. From security, data backup, data recovery, system upgrades to monitoring, we do it all so you can focus on doing what you care most about... running your website, and your business.

Proactive 24/7 monitoring

We keep it up. We keep it safe.

The security of your website online is only as good as the people providing it. We provide 24/7 network monitoring to detect and prevent illegal system access and attacks before they happen. Keeping hackers out, while letting customers in is what we do, and do well.

Let us host your Website

Get automatic backups. Not Optional - FREE!

Our website hosting include free automatic backups for all your data because we understand your data is valuable.
  • Hourly backup of all database data
  • Weekly backups of all website/mail data
  • 3 months backup archive
  • Off-site data backup storage

Build a website for your business in one hour!